Advanced syllabus changes

This page describes the changes made to the Advanced syllabus for the Spring 2017 exam. No additional changes were made for the Fall 2017 exam.

The Group Insurance book has a new edition (by Skwire, was by Bluhm), which led to the following changes:

  • Most chapters were changed only slightly, but now have new chapter numbers. Those chapters are 27 (was 37), 30 (was 26), 31 (was 28), 33 (was 30), 37 (was 42), and 38 (was 43)
  • Chapters 23 (Actuarial Certification of Reserves) and 27 (Underwriting Small Groups) of the old version were removed
  • Chapter 21, pages 356-361 (Estimating Medical Claim Costs: Small Group Considerations) was added. This contains some, but not all, of the information that was in chapter 27 in the previous edition

Other readings that were removed are:

  • Kongstvedt chapter 5 (which is a very lengthy chapter on provider payment)
  • GHA-101-13 – A First Look at ACOs’ Risky Business: Quality is not enough
  • Measurement and Performance – Healthcare Quality and Efficiency
  • Duncan chapter 1 – Introduction to Care Management Interventions (changed to background reading only)
  • Duncan chapter 7, excluding appendices – Clinical Quality and its Measurement
  • Duncan chapter 11 – The Use of Propensity Scoring in Program Evaluation
  • GHA-111-16 – US GAAP for Life Insurers, chapter 10, section 10.9
  • ASOP #26 – Compliance with Requirements for the Actuarial Certification of Small Employer Health Benefit Plans (this is on the Core US syllabus)
  • Financial Reporting Implications under the Affordable Care Act, section 1 (this is also on the Core US syllabus)

And other readings that were added are:

  • Provider Payment Arrangements, Provider Risk, and Their Relationship With Cost of Healthcare (which is a very lengthy paper to take the place of Kongstvedt chapter 5)
  • GHA-117-17 – A Guide to Measuring the Triple Aim: Population Health, Experience of Care, and Per Capita Cost (which is a fairly lengthy study note)
  • GHA-118-17 – Issues To Consider in Self-Funding Long-Term Disability Insurance (which is really short)
  • Issues in Applying Credibility to Group Long-Term Disability Insurance, pages 5-15

And one other reading was modified:

  • GHA-116-16 – Managing Antiselection was modified to be pages 83-123 only. This change is to remove the section on the ACA premium stabilization programs (the three Rs). This is the section that listed the reinsurance parameters for 2014-2016, which was tested in the Fall 2016 exam. Note that if you are using the actual textbook (Individual Health Insurance by Leida), the page numbers don’t line up with the page numbers from the SOA study note. The SOA is apparently using a rough draft version of that chapter in its study note packages. The corresponding pages in the textbook’s chapter 4 are 109-148.

The case study changed slightly. Years were updated by 1, but otherwise there were no changes.