Core Canada syllabus changes

This page describes the changes made to the Core Canada syllabus for the Fall 2017 exam.

The following readings were added:

  • GHC-107-17, pages 6-17 – Study on Canadian Group Long-Term Disability Termination Experience
  • GHC-108-17 – Post-ACA Trends in Health Coverage for Small Businesses: Views from the Market
  • GHC-673-17 – CIA Public Position on a National Pharmacare Plan
  • GHC-674-17 – MCCSR Guideline 2016 (this is moving over from the Specialty syllabus)
  • GHC-675-17 – Group MCCSR Calculation Study Note (also moving over from the Specialty syllabus)
  • GHC-676-17 – Ready or Not, Here it comes?
  • GHC-677-17 – The wait is nearly over? IFRS 17 is coming, are you prepared for it?
  • GHC-678-17 – More flexibility in the application of IFRS 9
  • GHC-679-17 – IFRS, Insurance Contracts
  • GHC-680-17 – IFRS 17 Introduction
  • GHC-681-17 – IFRS 4, Phase 2: illustrative example of life contract without participating features
  • GHC-682-17 – International Standards for Insurers
  • GHC-683-17 – CIA educational note on Dynamic Capital Adequacy Testing
  • GHC-684-17 – OSFI Guideline E18, Stress Testing
  • GHC-685-17 – Standard Life vs. Tremblay 2010
  • Mechanics and Basics of LTC rate increases
  • ASOP #41

The Handbook of Canadian Pension and Benefit Plans by Morneau Shepell has a new edition, resulting in the following chapters being updated:

  • Chapter 2, pages 48-54 and 59-65 – Determination and Payment of Benefits (was chapter 3 previously)
  • Chapter 17 – Provincial Hospital and Medical Insurance Plans (was chapter 15)
  • Chapter 18 – Workers’ Compensation (was chapter 16)
  • Chapter 19 – Employment Insurance (was chapter 17)
  • Chapter 24 – Post-retirement and Post-employment Benefits (was chapter 22)

And the following study notes were updated:

  • GHC-105-17 – Pricing Considerations for Drugs Covered under Pharmacy Benefit Programs. But the only change in this update was to change the legislatively-mandated percentage relationship between WAC and AWP. The previous study note version stated that WAC must equal 80% of AWP. And the new version states that WAC must equal 83.33% of AWP.
  • ASOP #23 – this ASOP has been revised since last year
  • GHC-628-17 – The Quebec Act Respecting Prescription Drug Insurance and Its Impacts on Private Group Insurance Plans
  • GHC-633-17 – CIA Standards of Practice – Practice-Specific Standards for Post- Employment Benefit Plans
  • GHC-644-17 – Taccess Issue 2 – An Advisor’s Guide to Understanding How Taxes Impact Group Insurance Benefits in Canada

Finally, the following readings were removed:

  • Rosenbloom chapter 27 – Employee Benefits Communications
  • Pages 878-890 of Rosenbloom chapter 32 (Employee Benefit Plans for Small Companies) were removed. The rest of the chapter (pages 869-877) remains on the syllabus.
  • GHC-619-13 (background reading only)
  • GHC-639-15, pages 3-4 – Passage of New Brunswick’s Prescription and Catastrophic Drug Insurance Act (pages 1-2 were background reading only)
  • GHC-642-15, pages 13-64 (background reading only)
  • GHC-657-16 – Effect of Board Redeliberations on the 2013 Exposure Draft Insurance Contracts
  • GHC-658-16 (background reading only)
  • GHC-664-16 – Disability insurance at risk for 1.1 million
  • GHC-665-16 – Nortel employees seek clarity around health and welfare trust
  • GHC-666-16 – Nortel employees to take fight to SCC

The case study may be updated for this season. It is released at a later date than the rest of the syllabus.