Core US syllabus changes

This page describes the changes made to the Core US syllabus for the Fall 2017 exam. There were no additional changes made for the Spring 2018 exam.

The following study notes were added:

  • GHC-107-17, pages 6-17 – Study on Canadian Group Long-Term Disability Termination Experience
  • GHC-108-17 – Post-ACA Trends in Health Coverage for Small Businesses: Views from the Market

Two of the Actuarial Standards of Practice have been updated since last year:

  • ASOP #21 – Responding to or Assisting Auditors or Examiners with Financial Audits, Reviews, and Examinations
  • ASOP #23 – Data Quality

One study note was updated:

  • GHC-105-17 – Pricing Considerations for Drugs Covered under Pharmacy Benefit Programs. But the only change in this update was to change the legislatively-mandated percentage relationship between WAC and AWP. The previous study note version stated that WAC must equal 80% of AWP. And the new version states that WAC must equal 83.33% of AWP.

Finally, the following readings were removed:

  • GHC-809-15, various pages – The HHS-HCC Risk Adj. Model for Individual & Small Group Markets under the ACA. This was one paper in a series of three papers on HCC risk adjustment and risk transfers. The other two papers remain on the syllabus.
  • Pages 878-890 of Rosenbloom chapter 32 (Employee Benefit Plans for Small Companies) were removed. The rest of the chapter (pages 869-877) remains on the syllabus.

The case study did not change this season.