Core US syllabus changes

This page describes the changes made to the Core US syllabus for the Fall 2017 exam.

The following study notes were added:

  • GHC-107-17, pages 6-17 – Study on Canadian Group Long-Term Disability Termination Experience
  • GHC-108-17 – Post-ACA Trends in Health Coverage for Small Businesses: Views from the Market

Two of the Actuarial Standards of Practice have been updated since last year:

  • ASOP #21 – Responding to or Assisting Auditors or Examiners with Financial Audits, Reviews, and Examinations
  • ASOP #23 – Data Quality

One study note was updated:

  • GHC-105-17 – Pricing Considerations for Drugs Covered under Pharmacy Benefit Programs. But the only change in this update was to change the legislatively-mandated percentage relationship between WAC and AWP. The previous study note version stated that WAC must equal 80% of AWP. And the new version states that WAC must equal 83.33% of AWP.

Finally, the following readings were removed:

  • GHC-809-15, various pages – The HHS-HCC Risk Adj. Model for Individual & Small Group Markets under the ACA. This was one paper in a series of three papers on HCC risk adjustment and risk transfers. The other two papers remain on the syllabus.
  • Pages 878-890 of Rosenbloom chapter 32 (Employee Benefit Plans for Small Companies) were removed. The rest of the chapter (pages 869-877) remains on the syllabus.

The case study may be updated for this season. It is released at a later date than the rest of the syllabus.