This page describes the changes made to the Design & Pricing syllabus for the Spring 2020 exam.

The following study notes were added:

  • GHDP-133-20: Health Insurance Fee (HIF) Paper
    • The concept in this paper has been on the syllabus in the past but it was light on the details. This new paper gives some concrete examples of how the fee is applied and how the tax is calculated
  • GHDP-134-20: Top 10 Technology Trends in Health Insurance: 2018
    • This paper discusses how some current advances in technology could impact healthcare
  • Some of the more interesting examples are: social media, artificial intelligence, and blockchain
  • GHDP-135-20: Value Based Pharmacy: A Canadian Example
    • This paper discusses efforts being made in Canada to try and get more bang for their buck when it comes to pharmacy costs. They claim to be experiencing high cost trends with low performance improvement.
  • GHDP-136-20: Illustrative Examples on Experience Rating and Funding Methods
    • This paper gives more clarity to some recent SOA exam questions on experience rating
    • Advanced 2017 Fall # 9 and Advanced 2019 Spring #3 are both a lot clearer after looking at the details in this study note
  • GHDP-137-20: Short Term Disability Example
    • This study note goes over a simplified, illustrative example for adjusting a rate manual for the past year’s experience
  • Best Estimate Assumption for Expenses, CIA Educational Note, Nov 2006, pp. 19-39
    • The part of the paper that is on the syllabus is in the appendix. It is an example of how to conduct an expense study.
    • There will be a lot of list-type questions that can be asked from this paper

The following articles were added:

  • Combination Products: An Accelerated Education.
    • As more people move away from standalone LTC products, the coverage for those risks are making their way back into the market in the form of combination products
    • The LTC-like benefit seems to be more popular when offered in a different form, such as a rider on a life insurance policy
    • This paper discusses at a high level what these changes mean for the LTC market

No Actuarial Standards of Practice were added.

The following items were modified:

  • GHDP-125-20: Ch. 22.1-22.3 and 22.6-22.7 of Healthcare Risk Adjustment and Predictive Modeling
    • This chapter was already close to overlapping with GHDP-110-15 and now that they have expanded the chapter to include 22.1-22.3, GHDP-110-15 has be removed from the syllabus
    • The net result will not change much except for some more list-type information about ACO’s and also the methodology of patient assignment to ACO providers

TFinally, the following items were removed from the syllabus:

  • Combo Long-term Care Products: A Solution to Address Market Needs
    • They added a paper in its place that is very similar
  • GHDP-110-15: Common wealth paper – The Final Rule for MSSP
    • Almost all of the important concepts from this paper will still be testable from other sources that are on the syllabus